***The first one was so awesome we're doing it AGAIN RIGHT AWAY!***

Do you remember those first, fresh January days, so full of hope?

Like many of us, maybe you woke up on January 1 and said,  

“This will be the year I...  

work with a clean desk sit down and watch those webinars I bought in 2016 finish my taxes by January 31st declutter my life double my income  

...and so many more wonderful things!”  

Some of you swore you don’t make resolutions—you set intentions instead. This year, you intend to spend more time with your family, or spend less time sitting on your fine butt.  

On January 1, a few of you even threw on newly-purchased running pants and sprinted outdoors, making your determined mark on this year’s crisp, blank slate.  

We’re more than halfway through January. How's it going?

Let’s pull back for a second. What is a resolution, anyway?  

We know it as a firm, determined decision—which sounds hard.  

We often avoid unpleasant feelings. We give up on our dreams and turn our energy into guilt, shame, and self-loathing. If you’re like most people (and let’s face it, most of us are) your hopeful promises are collecting dust—just like that box you keep meaning to deal with.  

You know the one. It’s in the bedroom corner, keeping the closet door from closing all the way. Or it’s in the basement from your last move, eight years ago. Or it’s in storage, costing you money (and stress and guilt) every month.  

Maybe you don’t have that box. Maybe you’ve already sorted your desk, watched those webinars (and deleted the files), and finished your taxes. If you have, I salute you. You inspire the work I do every single day because my clients and I want to be like YOU.

This class is for the rest of us  

So often, we give ourselves just one opportunity to change habits that developed over an entire lifetime.  

In Joumor, we focus on Quantity, Not Quality. I know, that sounds weird, right?  

Say your plan is to become strong and fit. Which do you think is more effective:  

Going to the gym once a month for three hours, or going several times a week for half an hour?  

Um...shorter and more frequent sessions are much more effective.  

Joumor says, Why prolong anything that feels tedious or unpleasurable, when you could experience success every day

How we work 

Joumor is about the joy and humor we naturally experience once we go through all the misery and hell of everything we’ve been avoiding.  

You can give yourself that joy before February.  

It’s time for New Year’s Resolution: Take Three. Because it’s never too late to have the year you want. 

Devoting just 30 minutes a day to your dream

Can you picture devoting just 30 minutes a day to your dream—for less than a week?  

How about doing it on a fun, live video call with fellow explorers?  

On our calls, I’ll share the same, proven Joumor principles my VIP-level CEO Rise clients learn—clients who’ve created multimillion-dollar organizations.  

On our calls, the time is for you to do something.  

Every day, for less than a full week, I’d love for you to use our 30 minutes to: 

  • Sort through those old papers 
  • Watch that webinar 
  • Call your accountant, or dig up those receipts 
  • Book that museum pass for your family 
  • Go for a walk! I do some of my best thinking on walks  
  • Tackle anything in your life that’s hanging over you  

Celebrate anything you accomplished

At the end of each session, we’ll celebrate anything you accomplished. Anything! Because that’s where the fire comes from to keep going.  

“But Leah,” I hear you cry, “I can’t finish this project in 30 minutes! I don’t even think I can finish it in a week!”  

You may be right, my friend. And yet, how much of your mental energy will you recover by making steady, incremental progress, every single day for a week?  

How much better will you feel without a heavy, static burden you keep shifting on your planner?  

Will your thinking become more agile, your business more lucrative, your spirit more eager and approachable when your load is just a little lighter?  

My years of experience with clients like you (and with my own life!) says yes.  

Yes, to all of this.  

So let’s do it—together. You can:  

  • Re-commit to your 2018 dream for just a single week  
  • Have more fun than you ever anticipated wading through your most hated tasks.  

Are you curious about Joumor’s thrilling, shame-free environment, where we laugh about our messes—and then keep moving?  

It’s not too late to have the year you want.  

I can’t wait to congratulate you on your Resolution this Monday—or whenever I see you in class this year!  

I bet you have some questions...  

“Wait, seriously—I have to pay you, while I sort through crap?” Yes. You haven’t tried paying—and you haven’t attained your resolution. Many of us find that being in a “container of support” creates accountability—and so does paying for it.  

“But Leah, my goal is exercise/meditate/clean something really embarrassing! I don’t want people to see me on video!” No worries! Call in by phone, turn off the video for the actual work portions, whatever you like. Just show up and reap the rewards.  

“Will the calls be recorded?” No, because #noclutterleftbehind.  

“But Leah, I can’t make it next week! Am I doomed?” Perhaps, my friend! But don’t worry. We’ll be doing a Take Three, Take Four, and Take However Many We Need to Get the Thing Done later this year—all a few days at a time.  

“I’m scared and I don’t know why.” Then you’re in good company! As excited as you are, it’s also really common to feel resistance when we picture doing something we’ve been avoiding. Stay with it. In Joumor, we know that action conquers fear.  

“What if I don’t have a resolution?” Perfect. This class is an amazing, no-brainer opportunity to join us and spend five days in a row doing whatever you want: making a recipe, clearing your desk, getting to Inbox Zero (or, let’s be real—how about unsubscribing from emails and getting a little closer to Zero).  

What’s your investment to attain your New Year’s Resolution? The bargain price of just $97.  

I just did the first class. Is there a discount? Yes! Check your email for the discount code.  

How will it feel to accomplish something by 9am (10am on Sunday) every day? Umm, pretty fantastic, don't you think? Something that's been hanging over you, taking up mental and literal space? Something you'd almost given up on?  

Join us in class, laugh while you work, and get one step (or more) closer to your clarity and Resolution!

Money back guarantee

I believe so passionately in the proven techniques of Joumor that I’m offering a money-back guarantee: If you show up for class, on time, fully prepared, five days in a row, follow all the instructions in class, and still haven’t gotten any farther on the path to your New Year’s Resolution, send us an email at info@joumor.com and we’ll will happily refund your money.


What is Joumor?

Joumor is about clutter-free connection. The way we related to the world- even to ourselves- determines the experience we get out of life. Joumor’s products and services are designed to help us tap into our joy and humor. This minimizes physical and emotional clutter and frees us to be fully present in every interaction.

Who is Leah Fisch?

Leah Fisch is the founder of Joumor and been featured on TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive, WOR Radio and Sirius XM. She's been helping her clients and students release clutter and be fully productive for over a decade. Leah is a proud believer in unitasking.